Programmers Need to Work Hard to Protect Smart Phones and Tablet Operating Systems

It is completely amazing that there are now nearly half a million iPhone apps that you can download, yes, many are silly and ridiculous, but quite a few of them really solve problems for us all. They increase our productivity, give us instant information, and help us navigate in our high-tech digital age of mobility. That’s all good no doubt. Unfortunately many of these apps are spying on us, giving away information to advertisers, and who knows whom else?

The programmers of these apps need to work hard and they need to work to protect smart phone users and tablet users. These operating systems are vulnerable to cross-app manipulation, data feeding, and even malware, spyware, adware, and viruses. If we don’t do better with this in the present then we are asking for problems in the future. Indeed it’s already happening.

In fact there seems to be an App war going on in a smart phone or tablet near you. Each app is already vying for your time, and many of them are trying to invade your space, data, information, and meme. Let me explain.

There is a new App available for both Apple and Android which monitors all your other Apps and spies on them, telling you which information they are collecting and distributing in real-time. So, all those Apps which are spying on you, well now you have a tool to help you spy on them – completely turning the tables on the electronic spy game; Spy Vs. Spy!

The other day there was an interesting article in Physorg [dot] com titled “Malicious Programmers Focus on SmartPhones, Tablets” by Brandon Bailey (posted on May 4, 2011) – from The San Jose Mercury News San Jose, CA. – Distributed by McClatchy-Tribune Information Services. I’d like you to go now and look up that article online and then come back to this article and let’s talk about the challenges ahead for the good-guys, the programmers who are out to protect us from malware, cyber attacks, data breaches, and spyware.

Perhaps you are beginning to understand that your iPhone, smart phone, iPad, or tablet look-a-like is not keeping your safe. Now this may change in the very near future as users and consumers demand. If you have data on these devices but you don’t want to let out, it’s probably too late.

If these devices are to survive and thrive in the digital age of mobility, then programmers are going to have to work very hard to protect them because right now they are being exploited. It’s beginning to look like the good, bad, and the ugly out there on the WiFi, 3G and 4G Wireless network. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.