Four Tips for Protecting Your Privacy on Smart Phones

While enlightening, the Wall Street Journal’s December 2010 report exposing how some smart phone applications track users was also disappointing. It sometimes seems the amazing utility of each new electronic gadget is matched only by its amazing ability to spy on you-subsequently sharing your preferences, personal information and even your location with savvy marketers who want to know as much as possible about you.

If you love your privacy as you love your smart phone, these tips can help you enjoy both.

  1. Treat your smart phone like a computer. Smart computer users install and use virus protection, avoid questionable websites and send suspicious e-mails directly to the junk folder. That’s a good way to treat your phone as well, particularly as it functions increasingly as a computer.
  2. Read user reviews before downloading new applications. User reviews are great for uncovering bugs in applications and learning from others what issues they’ve encountered with a particular app, thereby allowing you to learn from their experience-and occasional misfortune.
  3. Read user agreements before downloading. Many apps will disclose whether they are using tracking information. Both Apple (iPhone) and Google (Android) require such disclosure for its application developers, so it’s a good place to check. That way you can at least make an informed decision.
  4. Authorize location information only when needed. Obviously if you’re using a location-based application like Yelp, weather or mapping, your location is critical to accurate results. If an app that doesn’t need location information to provide what you need requests it, you have to question the motive.

Russian Spy Gives Advice to A Drug Cartel Boss At a Who’s Who of the Underworld Raging Party

On August 13 of 2014 the Russians had completed the stealth purchase of several hotels in and around Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. They were working together with a couple of drug cartels, right under the noses of authorities, as they set up a rather lucrative distribution system. In one of the bars, off in the corner an undercover ICE agent from the United States had set up some surveillance audio equipment.

This was the break they needed, as they couldn’t figure out how the Russians and drug cartels were able to stay one step ahead of them, leading them often on wild goose chases throughout the United States, Canada, and the rest of the world. The Russian spy was giving advice to the drug cartel boss as the party raged on, he advised the drug cartel to use iPads and iPhone and switch them out every two weeks to a used dealer, or to give them to would-be travelers through children who pretended to steal them and then sell them for $20.

This way those who bought these personal electronic devices wouldn’t realize that they had been corrupted and had spy software on them from the US drug authorities. It turns out that a Russian double agent had infiltrated ICE and given away the fact that the agency now was able to determine based on location and usage algorithms which personal tech devices were being used by the drug cartels and spies.

They would then put a secretive spy software app onto the phone or iPad, this way they were able to track all the bad guys. The algorithm required about 10-14 days of information to accurate label a personal tech device as owned by the bad guys within the 99-percentile of mathematical probability.

During the first bugged conversation the Russian spy told the drug cartel of a new app which allows the user denial to any of the major tracking apps which work on the Android Phone, one which a larger percentage used in the spy network, and the app was even getting popular usage from average citizens who were fearful that their government, or even a foreign government such as the United States was spying on them. It was very popular amongst Russians in Moscow after the Putin Election when a new sense of fear set in after the crackdown on political dissent in 2012 and 2013.

In the second bugged conversation the Russian continued to explain how to put their old iPhones on cargo ships headed for Asia or South America out of a popular Chinese port on the other side of the Sea of Cortez, another distribution point for drugs coming from all over the world into Mexico and then on into the US.

The ICE agent immediately realized that they were tracking ghost packages on ships, and also non-suspecting tourists all over the planet, putting them on watch lists as they were the new proud owners of all these electronic devices that the drug cartels and the Russians were getting rid of. As soon as the Department of Homeland Security figured this out, they realize the error of their ways, and how much money they had wasted chasing normal regular people all over the globe.

Although the Department of Homeland Security felt rather stupid, and duped once again by the bad guys, at least they’d figured out what they’ve done wrong, and then had fix the problem. By 2018 they had actually been able to take all those innocent civilians off their watch list. Luckily all of this became public today; September 22, 2022.

FYI: I have not registered this with the Screen Writers Guild, nor do I intend too. I give this story, abstract, script, synopsis, and idea to anyone who wishes to produce it in a work of fiction, play, or movie. I’d like to see it done justice, so I am throwing out this idea. You may email me if you’d like to discuss this some more. I have all the back-up data to show how all this is possible and potentially feasible.

BlackBerry Spy Apps Exposed! Do They Really Work? Find Out Here


Being a mother of two and housewife I find I have very little time at all for myself and I, like most mothers, are always worried about the safety of my children. Unfortunately, trying to get information from children is virtually impossible and the more you try, the more they want to hide things from you.

Recently I have come across a number of BlackBerry spy apps ads and wanted to see if these apps really work and do what they say they can do.

In short, the answer is YES they do work and they work surprisingly well.

To my delight these apps allow me to keep a close eye on my family without them needing to know I am watching and I can do it from anywhere I have internet access.

How BlackBerry Spy Apps Work?

Simple. First you need to install the application on their phones. Since I purchased the phones for my children I just installed the application easily through the BlackBerry web browser before giving it to them. It takes only about 5 minutes to install.

Once installed, the application will start sending data to the companies website and I can immediately start monitoring a large amount of information that is collected from the phones 24-7.

They track everything I could possibly need to know.

  • GPS Location tracking
  • All Call Logs
  • Text Messeges (PIN, SMS, MMS, BlackBerry Messenger Messages)
  • All Emails
  • New media files (pictures, videos, audio)
  • Contacts, Calendar, Notes

As well as tracking all of this data you can also send commands to the phone for various special tasks.

  • Send me a SMS whenever they are on a call (provide watch number or blank for all numbers)
  • Record audio clip from the phones microphone and email it to me
  • Have the phone call me so I can listen in on the phones surroundings
  • Allow me to auto join in on current call in progress

You might be thinking wow how can one application do all of this. Well apparently it does. These people at MobileZenith have managed to cram all these features into their TrackWary Pro application with more coming apparently according to their support guys.

How Do You View The Data?

Most of the data collected is viewable online from the TrackWary Center (call logs, contacts, sms, etc). You can even view the collected GPS data graphically from a map with pins showing last location captured along with date/time.

Other data is emailed to you. This includes the emails received or sent from the phone, and all new media files (pictures, videos and audio) and the chat logs for BlackBerry Messenger.

Other Uses

It is pretty clear that these BlackBerry spy applications could be used for other purposes such as tracking a cheating spouse, or monitoring employees. Whether it would be legal or not I can not say as I am not a lawyer. At least in the employees case, companies should be allowed to install software on their equipment to monitor the usage and the whereabouts of it.

For monitoring your children, they are extremely useful applications to protect against the many dangers faced by children in the world we live in today.

Protect Yourself From BlackBerry Spy Apps SCAMS!

There are a large number of ads right now and many are flat out SCAMS. I fell for one that claimed you can install the application through Bluetooth and so you do not need the phone in your hand to install the application.

This I found out the hard way is simple not possible. You cannot install BlackBerry applications remotely on a phone without access to the phone. Any ad suggesting that their application can do this is a SCAM. Run from it as fast as you can.

If you think you would like to purchase one of these applications you should also make sure the company you purchase from has a money back guarantee.